Activities – Estate

Here are just some of the activities enjoyed on the Estate.


Visitors looking for the Kruger Millions on the Estate.

Inspiration: A dream as to where it is buried.
Tools: A metal detector and spade.
Outcome: No luck. So it’s back to dreaming and more digging.

Exploring the Estate on ‘Mule’
Linda, Shileigh & Cheryl.









One of our favourite activities is hiking and exploring on the Estate. The ‘Mount Tumble’ trail takes about 2 hours and is the longest and most difficult hiking trail on the Estate. This trail takes you past ancient stone buildings from previous inhabitants as well as old mine diggings.

Mount tumble
Erna on the way up ‘Mount Tumble’.
Q: Why ‘Mount Tumble’?
A: Because Les seems to prefer tumbling down rather than hiking.index_image1682